Beware the Idles' March The Weekly: Maintaining Britain's Standards
Information for Candidates
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M C1 Queen Saluting Y C Wound Embroidery C2 Home Economics:
Engaging a Staff
T Disgusting Art God Denouncing R H Physical Exercise: Moral Wrestling, Proletariat Struggling, Poet Punching, Twelve-Mile Conscience Jogging, Burden Lifting, Cow Tilting
W Hall 1a: Experimental Chorals: Arrhythmic Shouting, Howling, Stamping and Banging
Hall 2a: Bomb Defusing
C3 L E Film Theory: Could photographs one day be shown in rapid sequence? Orphan Cuffing The World Outside Empire
T Physic: Prognosticating Ailment Physic: Operating on Ailment U O Physic: Dissecting the Cadaver Waistcoats and Cummerbunds
F Mathematics: Whimsical, Impure, Prejudiced, Cosy, Perennial, Frivolous, Brisk, Nude, Elementary and Taupe Numbers N N Gentlemen: Care of Your Moustache
Ladies: Supporting your Gentleman in the Care of His Moustache
Notes: C1 is Combination Door Closing and Foreclosing; C2 is Combination Phrenology and Tautology; C3 is Combination Horses and Sauces; C4 is Combination Mesmerism and Pelmanism; the first T is Thursday; the second T is Tuesday, to promote reading the whole paper before starting
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