Was That Chap a Foreign? The Weekly: Maintaining Britain's Standards
Splendid robbery

Murder of Lord Top-Hole

Marvellous fraud


Excellent coining
Mr Bond
"Mr Bond"
(B1) (B3)
It's a cartoon, so
(D1) (D3)
suppressing the pictures
(F1) (F3)
isn't really going to help.
(H1) (H3)
All right, for those readers without pictures, what happens is that a patch of rapidly discolouring skin walks into a shop, and the shopkeeper says, "Can I help you?" and the patch of skin says, "No thanks, I'm just bruising (browsing)," and the shopkeeper says, "What?" and the patch of skin says, "Never mind, just give me a newspaper and boiled sweets, I'm parked on a double-yellow line."
(J1) (J3)
(The title of the cartoon is a ruse.)


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Hurrah, it's the bell
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