Cast Out the Pesky The Weekly: Maintaining Britain's Standards
Also Starring
It is an unappreciated fact that the Science Combine in the persons of MR NASH and MR MILLINGTON work like worky dogs to bring you The Weekly, hewing every last tiny microscopic atom of the magazine which strives to maintain Britain's standards solely on their own by themselves without the slightest help from a single anyone anywhere, their days stretching one after the other after the next into featureless unbroken grey choking fugs of draining pounding totally unassisted back-breaking labour. But of course they do not work alone. The Weekly would be nothing without you foully pampered and sickeningly self-absorbed valueless ghastly sponging sluggards who continually demand top-quality comedy-jokes while making it perfectly clear you wouldn't cross the road to intervene if we were waylaid by footpads, our readers, and there is a highly trained back-room department which supplies the atmosphere so vital to inspire forging ahead to a better newness. It is to this roster of supporting characters we now make an overdue and grudging acknowledgement as you are invited to see who else has appeared in the magazine and finally to put a name to that face; such is their discreet professionalism, there may be one or two you didn't spot.
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