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Three Egg Whites

2oz Sugar

Baking Tray

Gas Mark 4

Pedal Bin

Scouring Pad
This Is Kinema Weekly
"A programme of continuous entertainment."
Programme to Wednesday
Charismatic religious leader, Count Dracula, wisely employs British accountant, Harker, to order his affairs preparatory to a business trip. Fascinating illustration of property contract law, but theme on the whole explored unsatisfactorily. 2 stars

Plus Citizen Kane
Reporter investigates ministerial hopeful's last words, "Fish fingers." Thin mystery, no Britons. 1 star

Programme to Friday
George Formby Kicked Down a Flight of Stone Steps
Smash hit musical. 5 red stars

Plus Sneeze-y Does It!
Twelfth of Fred Ott's popular five-second comedies. This time the colonial japester tries to season his breakfast sausage from a rent bag of pepper while the tyke next door blows dandelion spores through his letter-box and a tethered goose awakens in a keg of soot. What will happen next? 3 stars

Programme to Sunday
Safety in the Workplace Instructional Film 57/G: Protective Eyewear for Lathe Operators
Keen-as-mustard labourer, Benson, spends time with adoring wife, Mrs Benson, and young baby, Baby Benson, before hurrying to catch bus for new job at one of Britain's science-triumph steel mills. Slow domestic build-up and general preachiness worth sitting through for spectacular climax. 4 stars

Plus Dead of Night
Disgraceful misrepresentation of the architect's profession. 1 star
Deranged shirts

Monster in the hamper

Caustic soap powder

Machine on fire

Localised war blocking tumble-drier
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