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Palpitations, grimace, two steps back with upflung hands, swooning plunge

Moment of frozen incomprehension, then explosive leaping spasm sideways into catching angles of writing-desk

Plucking seizure of own eyes

Screaming dash into bracing evening air

Mind-blasted, liquidly giggling skip across lawn-tennis court, press-ups
The "Wizard" Getaway Farthing
They forgot to break the mould before they made:
"Little Wonder" Caustic Atomiser | Hope It's Henderson's | "Wizard" Getaway Farthing
"If I can just reach the -"

"The door! It won't -"

"Confound the fool! He'll bring it down on all of - "

"I only pray that I'm in - "

"Ha ha ha! Hahahahahah -"
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