Beware the Idles' March The Weekly: Maintaining Britain's Standards
Bad-temperedly to the point of saying "Grrr" quite distinctly as you sign the cheque, but while looking in a carefully neutral direction to avoid embarrassment, also eye contact in public

At the last possible moment, once hoped-for landquake is again clearly not to occur; and after all the trouble you went to with the chants and nude dancing as well

In new legitimate currency along the lines of odd-denomination commemorative coins, vouched for by that friend of Tom's who supplies the ink to the Mint - dogs' eyes

Insufficiently, relying on charm of invitingly smiling photograph enclosed in envelope

From your orbiting laser platform to ensure 6% discount off next bill
Hoi Hup La!
Stick work
Stick work
Exercise 20x Jabbing
  20x Hitting
  5 mins Jesus! Did you see that! What was it? Did I get it? The size of it - what the hell was that?
Effect Strengthens wrist
Flat-iron weights
Flat-iron weights
Exercise 10x Grasping flat-iron weights beside body: lifting arms straight from shoulders
  10x Grasping flat-iron weights beside body: describing circle with arms to meet above head
  2x Dropping weights on face; catching and holding with eyelids
Effect Strengthens chest, back and arms; improves hand-eye co-ordination
Chair work
Chair work
Exercise 1x Standing to attention behind chair; gripping back of chair with hands stretched out, palms uppermost; raising chair smartly until arms are at shoulder height; tipping child into sea
Effect Removes child from presence
Coping With Knee Loss

So What If You Drove Over That Glazier?

Life After Being The Innocent Caught Up In A Whirlingly Exciting Adventure Who's Left Behind At The End

You Can't Stamp - I Can't Draw - Let's Get Together And Stamp And Draw For One Another

Choosing The Right Band To Whine By
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