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Spy Story
What a marvellous thing is the imagination, raising us far above the BRUTISH ELEMENTS, inspiring us to feats of construction-engineering and improving verse, and expediting the endurance of frightful bullet-wounds with dreamy fortitude.

But for those unequipped with imagination, or too poor to afford it, The Weekly invites you to take part in Spy Story. By establishing your personality via a few keenly penetrating insights, the Science Combine can transport you quite literally into a uniquely tailored adventure you'll want to treasure forever. You're guaranteed to be in the thick of the action, a vital character on which the plot hinges. YOU ARE THE SPY.

To live the thrills of being the spy, complete the following profile. (All information gathered is liquidated once the adventure has been tailored to your requirements.)

Your first name
Your surname
Your title
Your description
Your preferred weapon
Your catchphrase
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