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A little left of width. No, your left

Pornography Of The Gods, featuring Zeus
My Old Man
Randy Zeus seduces a reluctant Alcmene by appearing as her husband. Lots of hot action punctuated by the best mistaken identity comedy to be seen outside the Eros & Cupid series. One to set the ichor racing.
Punchy Massive, Helga Melons and Brian Rix. 44 minutes.

A Bird In The Hand
Our irrepressible hero, Zeus, courts a confused Leda in the guise of a swan before slyly impregnating her in ways we can't possibly reveal. Lots of beaking and ducking scenes. You'll never look at a bag of stale bread in the same way again!
Punchy Massive, Helga Melons and Rod Hull. 70 minutes.

A Bird In The Hand 2
Well, I never did - Zeus is at it again. You thought it couldn't get any kinkier, but this time he's got his eye on Leto, he's a partridge - and, yes, he's "game" for anything. From the opener with the beaters and the bush to the climax in the pear tree, this is every inch a classic.
Steve Guttenburg, Pia Zadora and Bernie Clifton. 71 minutes

Golden Showers
Zeus wants a virgin, but she's imprisoned in a huge, phallic tower. That wily king of the gods isn't going to take this lying down, and you just know what's coming next... Danae is comprehensively fertilised by our hero in the guise of a shower of gold. The most expensive money shot in history. You'll never look at bullion in the same way again!
Helga Melons and the voice of Punchy Massive. 60 minutes. Banned in Montenegro.

Shemale On Heat
Teiresias - he's a man. No, he's a woman. Now he's a man again! He simply doesn't know where to put himself - and nor does Zeus, in his wildest adventure yet.
Punchy Massive, Helga Melons and the cast of Grange Hill from 1988 to 1990. 58 minutes.

By Zeus!
Long-awaited triple-DVD compilation of the complete Zeus series, released just after you've bought most of them separately. Includes commentary from director Rod Swings, Helga Melons and Punchy Massive speaking through his long-time dubbing artiste Miriam Margolyes.
Features: Dolby 5.1; digital remastering; pan-and-scan and original Super 8 ratio; multiple angles; the unseen "maids-a-milking" alternative ending to A Bird In The Hand 2; cast and director commentary; Fingertips Of Lightning behind-the-scenes documentary; music videos by Devo and Showaddywaddy. 399 minutes.




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