Stuart Campbell

Somehow around this time, I'd managed to get myself lumbered with the unpaid extra responsibility of organising the National Computer Games Championships, the finals of which were to be held at that year's Future Entertainment Show.

The formats being used were the CD32, the Mega CD and the SNES (the first two of which were still brand-new at the time), so I managed to get Future's Events division to sort me out loan machines to "test" the relevant games out on.

Everything went well for the qualifying stages, at which point Commodore and Sega wanted their loan machines back. I now embarked upon the longest sequence of stalling, hiding and outright lying in history ("Oh, sorry, I lent the CD32 to a friend in Glasgow when I went up for the Scottish heat, and he's gone on a three-month tour of duty in Northern Ireland" was the best one), in order that we might actually still be able to give Commodore lots of free coverage for their already desperately-ailing machine.

Despite increasingly panicked phone calls from the bloke in Future Events, I managed to keep the entire ludicrous charade up for almost 15 months, at which point Commodore went bust. I feel partly responsible.