Real AP32
Real AP32 (60K)
Coverdate December 1993
Price £3.95
Size 132 pages, Super A4
Editorial pages 91.5 (ie, 69.32% of total)
Ad pages 40.5 (inc 5 house ads)
Reviews 27 (1,965% total, 72.78% average)
Circulation 54,182 (ABC period Jan-Jun 1993)
Editorial staff 7 (inc 2 art)
Editorial contributors 11 (inc 2 art; 2 photography)

EDITOR Linda Barker GENERALLY AROUND Stuart Campbell PRODUCTION EDITOR Dave Green STAFF WRITERS Cam Winstanley, Steve McGill ART EDITOR Sal Meddings ART ASSISTANT Lisa Kellett CONTRIBUTORS Jonathan Davies, Rich Pelley, Dave Golder, Tim Norris, Tim Tucker, Jacquie Spanton, Sally Taylor, Rich Longhurst, J Nash PHOTOS Rob Scott, Pete Canning

Coverdisk Nipper (demo with compo) (disk 1); Cyberpunks (demo); Wiz and Liz (demo); Space Invasion (PD) (disk 2)

Features We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (everything's gone wrong and there are seven pages to fill in an afternoon, SC); Diary of a Game (Spodland); Diary of a Game (Cannon Fodder); The Right Profile: Matt Bielby (Back Page, uncredited)

Reviews Cannon Fodder (94%, CW); Frontier (65%/75% A1200, RL); Second Samurai (90%, JN); Wonder Dog (73%, TN); Alien Breed 2 A1200 (81%, CW); Cyberpunks (70%, SMG); Seek and Destroy (73%, SMG); Brutal Sports Football (88%, SMG); Settlers (88%/90% A1200, CW); Bob's Bad Day (85%, CW); Jetstrike (68%, DG); Prime Mover (22%, SC); Deep Core (54%, SMG); Pinball Fantasies A1200 (91%, JN) (14 games, 1,048% total (Frontier averaged to 70%, Settlers averaged to 89%), 74.86% average)

Budgets Cybercon 3 (88%, SC); Blue Angels (41%, CW); Hook (80%, CW); Secret of Monkey Island (75%, SMG); Cardiaxx (46%, SC); Graham Taylor's Soccer Challenge (75%, CW); Thomas the Tank Engine 2 (68%, SMG); World Class Rugby (88%, SMG) (8 games, 561% total, 70.13% average)

Hi-Ho Silver Lining D/Generation (90%); James Pond 2 (45%); Oscar (51%); Pinball Fantasies (90%); The Demo 2 CD (80%) (all SC) (5 games, 356% total, 71.20% average)

PD Brainbow (3/5); Gladstone's Name Game (3/5); Fireblaster (3/5); Marble Slide (4/5); Sorry (2/5); Shanghai 93 (4/5); Dodgems (3/5); Elevation 2 (4/5) (all DG)

Readers who did not stop buying AP after issue thirty-one will know well the Poppy Game Insult To Our War Dead story. Alerted by an ad for the mag as part of Future's FES bumph in another newspaper, the Daily Star despatched a crack team of reporters to beard Stuart in his lair, snap an atmospherically surly photograph that subsequently appeared with almost (but not quite) as much of the top of his head missing as in AP2's, interview him ruthlessly and get a rented quote from famously impartial Menzies Campbell MP.

Faced with the Star's campaigning journalism and a lawsuit from the Royal British Legion powerfully affirming their legal rights over the use of the image of a wild flower, AP's publishers decided not to fight the action - which would have fatally delayed the release of the issue - but instead to quietly alter the cover. Wise and sensible? Provocatively weak? Forestalling an injurious rift, Colin The Publisher selflessly united opinion on the swap as hateably limp by knocking up the replacement at the last possible moment, running in during lunch and jamming a blobby brown screenshot of a level map on the page under the words "THIS IS IT!" and sending it directly to the printers. Oddly, the spine line, "OOH, FAYE DUNAWAY!" was changed by the crusading gnome to "WAR HAS NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN", a phrase specifically highlighted in the Star's story as particularly offensive.

Protestingly blanked out with a "Censored" sign in that month's news story on the affair, the original cover remained unseen until AP52's Back Page, Save The AP Archives. Tragically, a sizing error meant the sides of the picture were lost, and, at the moment, this is the only version of the poppy cover available to you, our readers.

The single extant cromalin of the original cover now hangs, framed, on Stuart's wall. We must remember to pull it off in a shower of plaster and scan it properly.

Rarity Value: 10

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