AP65 (front cover)
AP65 Front (131K)

AP65 (back cover)
AP65 Back* (71K)
Coverdate September 1996
Price £4.50
Size 52 pages, stapled A4
Editorial pages 47 (ie, 90.38% of total)
Ad pages 5 (inc 3 house ads)
Reviews 4 (141% total, 35.25% average)
Circulation 18,704 (ABC period Jan-Jun 1996)
Editorial staff 1 (inc 1 art)
Editorial contributors 12 (inc 1 editor; 1 photography)

CAPTAIN Steve Faragher OTHER CAPTAIN Sue Huntley RATS... C-Monster, Cam Winstanley, Gideon Kibblewhite, J Nash, Jonathan Davies, Martin Axford, Reader Millington, Stuart Campbell, Rich Pelley, Tim Norris PHOTOGRAPHY Rick Buettner

Coverdisk No Second Prize (full game)

Features The Time Nears (the Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse are summoned by one mightier e'en than they to slay AP and everyone involved with it; JD); Quo Vadis (AP Mini-Who's Who, RM); The Reckoning (Back Page, SF)

Reviews Alien Breed 3D 2 A1200 (59% 2mb, 54% 4mb, "mid-60s if you have a fast enough Amiga to run it properly, which we don't," JN); Kick Off 96 (1%, SC); Brian Lara Cricket 96 (55%, SF); Humans 3 (26%, TN) (4 games, 141% total (AB3D2 averaged to 59%), 35.25% average)

PD Brain Damage and Tertis (2/5); Outfall (3.5/5); Marbleous (4/5); Experiment (3/5); Silly Stories (0.5/5) (all MA)

Circumstances conspire to ensure that exceptionally few magazines have a proper final ish. The staff may think they are working on a normal ish, for example, and only find out there will be no more just before deadline, so have no chance to say goodbye except in a hastily lodged paragraph in the news section or something. Or the mag may be closed between issues. Or the staff may have plenty of notice, but not care in the slightest because they hate their jobs and themselves.

Occasionally though, there is both time and the will to conclude events satisfactorily, resulting in a celebratory tribute ish which makes even less sense than usual to uncommitted readers, though if there'd been any of them left by that point the mag probably wouldn't have closed anyway. Examples of mags crashing triumphantly to such final issues are YS, Sega Zone and - no! But yes! - AMIGA POWER.

AP65, "The End," was the work of final remaining full-time AP staff member Sue Huntley on art edship, lead guitar and whistling, and Steve Faragher on steadying tiller and bongos. Working to a limited budget and a tight deadline, Steve and Sue's job in creating the last ever AP was made even trickier by the brutal murder of a hapless contributor on every third or fourth page, the mysterious deaths engineered by the Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse at the behest of one mightier e'en than they.

What better way to remember this concluding episode of AMIGA POWER than by reliving those savage killings all over again? Hurrah!

KENNY (KENNY PICK UP THE PHONE) GRANT hears an odd clicking from his disk drive and has his head sucked inside when he bends down to look, on p6.

CAM WINSTANLEY stays late at the office and is frozen to death by a curiously wilful Rowenta portable air-conditioning unit on p9.

J NASH, machine-gunned to bits, has in fact evaded assassins by use of a clockwork decoy and escapes to Canada, where he is unexpectedly squashed by a falling anvil on p17.

STUART CAMPBELL, convicted by a kangaroo court, is executed by firing squad on p21, twice.

STEVE FARAGHER quick-wittedly hurls a parcel bomb into the car park, where it harmlessly blows up the advertising staff and their shiny new vehicles on p23.

TIM NORRIS, taken for a looter colonel by suspiciously misinformed thuggee assassins, is ritually strangled on p25 with the cable of his AKG K240 Austrian headphones.

JONATHAN DAVIES meets the mysterious white-clad Master of the Cyclists on p29, and is then pushed off a roof in his pyjamas. How a roof got in his pyjamas, nobody knows.

MARTIN AXFORD reviews a PD game which, by typing in basic facts, generates a random story; types in "Martin Axford" and is shown a story in which Martin goes for a walk late at night and is stabbed; is stabbed on the way home on p33.

RICH PELLEY tips the Ultimate Top 100 games from numbers 100 to 51, and is disintegrated on p36.

C-MONSTER completes the tips, but is disturbed on p39 by a misshapen ominous black bird tapping at his window; unwisely opening the window to shoo it away, he is pecked to death.

READER MILLINGTON is blown up by a sophisticated telephone bomb on p41.

THE PROD BODS take refuge in The Bottom Line on p46, but are killed by something which comes out of the tap.

STEVE FARAGHER AGAIN and SUE HUNTLEY make their heroically futile last stand against the Four Cyclists on the back cover.

There's a happy ending on p50.

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