The mark of Satan

From the Book of Whatever Happened To... Game Reviews?

"And lo it shall pass that the reviewer can't get off level one.

And he shall not care for the game, or want to play it for more than 20 minutes.

But lo, he shall be fearful of the software company dropping advertising, and missing him off the free crate of beer list at Christmas, and he shall tremble and quake mightily as all rival mags have given it a high score.

So he shall give it a score low enough to dissuade potential buyers, yet high enough to pacify the software people.

And that score shall be the NUMBER OF THE BEAST, and it shall be 73 per cent."

"Even the nubmers seem to shift under the gaze. They... aaarghh!" - Professor Julia Labbip

"Sorry, numbers. Aieeghh!" - Professor Julia Labbip