The Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse

And the earth shall shake, and the seas shall boil, and the sky shall be aflame. The Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse, the only minor deities committed to rigorous consumer testing, first passed judgment in AP40, upon a terrified selection of joysticks. From close examination of the report compiled by a shaken Jonathan Davies, we learned that the Cyclists were rigidly fair, would not hesitate to destroy that which they found wanting, argued knowledgeably about the piece of classical music they wanted to accompany the end of the world, and that a singular mouse entirely failed to survive the devastation.

Six months passed before the Cyclists' return, when they distributed the 1995 AMIGA POWER New Year Honours. Having withdrawn to judge upon other planes for three months, they agreed to our humble request to examine AP49's Mail Order page, and, satisfied, guided you, our readers, ably towards buying satisfaction on a regular basis. Then, in AP65, acting upon the instructions of one mightier e'en than they, the Cyclists brutally slew AMIGA POWER and everyone involved with it.
And there shall be a mighty thunderclap,
and from a portal in the sky shall ride four cyclists. And they shall raise their fists and let forth a terrible cry...