All the All-Time Top 100s

A roughly annual event on the non-stop merry-go-round of zany antics that was AMIGA POWER was the All-Time Top 100, a list of the year's best games as determined by the then-current AP team.

The approved method for compiling this important document was to knock off work about 11am, strongarm any ex-AP staff in the building to ensure fair representation of the full breadth of Amiga games knowledge, repair to a pub or restaurant, rubbish the previous years' lists as the work of maniacs, argue with articulate passion over the first dozen games and vote using a complex and flexibly strategic points system, then get bored and nominate the rest in round-robin style (so each APer's taste would be represented, rather than everything being reduced to majority-acceptable blandness). Then put the entire day on expenses, obv.

Here, for the first time ever, provided you didn't buy AP64 which we've just discovered had the same overview after we laboriously typed it all in from the individual Tops, is every AP All-Time Top 100 in one easy-to-swear-at place.* AMIGA POWER's famously impartial love of good games is at its most visible in these mighty charts. Attempt to imagine any of our rivals putting a PD game and a CD32 game in their top three. Their prejudice glands would pop like kelp.

Students of historical context may be interested to infer the individual influences, quirks and numbing absurdities of each Top 100's time.

1991's AP TOP 100 ("100 GREAT GAMES, 100 GREAT REVIEWS")

Appeared in AP Zero, part of the Matt Bielby Golden Age. Entries appeared the wrong way round (ie, the list started at 1 and counted down to 100) possibly as a well-intentioned misunderstanding of the purpose of dramatic suspense.

1992's AP TOP 100 ("THE 100 BEST GAMES EVER")

Appeared in AP13, also part of the Matt Bielby Golden Age. Entries correctly began at 100 and counted backwards to Number 1.

1993's AP TOP 100 ("THE NEW IMPROVED")

Appeared in AP25, part of the Linda Barker Era.


Appeared in AP37, part of the Jonathan Davies Era.


Appeared in AP49, again part of the Jonathan Davies Era. Entries were the wrong way round for a second, history-defying time. Just one month later, gentleman editor Jonathan Davies was assassinated in a coup.

1996's AP TOP 100 ("THE ULTIMATE")

Appeared in AP64, part of the Steve Faragher Era.

  1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996
1 Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands Sensible Soccer Sensible Soccer Sensible Soccer Sensible World of Soccer
2 Lemmings F1GP F1GP Cannon Fodder Gravity Force 2 Gravity Power
3 Speedball 2 Speedball 2 Dynablaster Speedball 2 Guardian CD32 Guardian CD32
4 Sim City Secret of Monkey Island Speedball 2 Dynablaster Cannon Fodder Colonisation
5 Virus Sim City Rainbow Islands F1GP Dynablaster Dynablaster
6 Populous Mega lo Mania Pinball Fantasies Rainbow Islands Micro Machines Cannon Fodder
7 Kick Off 2 Exile Exile Knights of the Sky Monkey Island 1 & 2* Syndicate
8 Falcon Populous 2 Lemmings 2 Exile Syndicate Exile
9 Indy 500 Knights of the Sky Knights of the Sky Syndicate Knights of the Sky Speedball 2
10 Stunt Car Racer Jimmy White's Snooker Crazy Cars 3 Pinball Fantasies Pinball Illusions Knights of the Sky
11 Pang Lemmings Sim City Apidya Shadow Fighter Chaos Engine
12 Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Harlequin Gem'X Speedball 2 Alien Breed 3D
13 Spindizzy Worlds Dynablaster Apidya Wizkid Civilisation Slam Tilt
14 Nebulus First Samurai Chaos Engine Dune 2 Putty Squad Micro Machines
15 Carrier Command Harlequin Wizkid Desert Strike Zeewolf Rainbow Islands
16 Dungeon Master PGA Tour Golf Gem'X F1 Dune 2 Rodland
17 Rick Dangerous 2 Ultima 6 Monkey Island 2 Micro Machines PGA European Tour Zeewolf 2
18 Ultima 5 Parasol Stars Archer Maclean's Pool Hunter F1 Gloom
19 New Zealand Story Eye of the Beholder No Second Prize Second Samurai The Settlers Monkey Island 1 & 2
20 The Sentinel Another World History Line 1914-1918 Lemmings 2 Super Stardust Shadow Fighter
21 Damocles F15 Strike Eagle 2 John Madden Football Asteroids D/Generation Dune 2
22 Paradroid '90 Titus the Fox Mega lo Mania Gunship 2000 Chaos Engine Super Tennis Champs
23 Plotting John Madden Football IK+ Stardust Defender Pinball Illusions
24 Typhoon Thompson Hunter Legends of Valour Rodland Head Over Heels Super Skidmarks
25 Laser Squad Apidya R-Type 2 Head Over Heels No Second Prize Settlers
26 Klax Blues Brothers Asteroids Flashback Stunt Car Racer Super Stardust
27 SWIV Celtic Legends Head Over Heels Mortal Kombat Rodland F1GP
28 Indy Jones & Last Crusade Stunt Car Racer Putty R-Type 2 Jetstrike CD32 Jetstrike CD32
29 F-19 Stealth Fighter Pang Rodland Chaos Engine Overkill Stunt Car Racer
30 E-Motion Gem'X Populous 2 Stunt Car Racer Rainbow Islands Overkill
31 Captive Rodland Blues Brothers Defender K240 Wizkid
32 Powermonger Switchblade 2 Legend D/Generation Walker Head Over Heels
33 Xenon 2 Head Over Heels Nick Faldo's Golf Liberation Pinball Fantasies Sim City
34 Puzznic Asteroids Hunter Sim City F1GP Super Foul Egg
35 Super Off Road Vroom Vroom Overkill Sim City Car-Vup
36 F-29 Retaliator Nebulus Pang Seek and Destroy Exile Empire Soccer
37 Vaxine Bubble Bobble Laser Squad Yo! Joe! Super Skidmarks No Second Prize
38 Interphase SWIV Alien 3 The Settlers Super League Manager Tetris Pro
39 Castle Master R-Type 2 Nebulus Skidmarks Asteroids Banshee
40 Car-Vup IK+ Shanghai Lamborghini US Challenge Empire Soccer D/Generation
41 Super Hang-On Virus First Samurai Blob Tetris Pro Gunship 2000
42 Pro Tennis Tour 2 Lotus Turbo 2 Scooby and Scrappy Doo Beneath a Steel Sky SWOS Sabre Team A1200
43 Starglider 2 Kick Off Bill's Tomato Game Pang Sabre Team A1200 Asteroids
44 Shanghai Chuck Rock D/Generation No Second Prize Llamatron Roadkill CD32
45 Lotus Turbo 1 Llamatron Titus the Fox Sabre Team A1200 Gunship 2000 Super League Manager
46 Operation Stealth Heimdall Curse of Enchantia Archer Maclean's Pool Bloodnet Gem'X
47 World Class Leaderboard Realms Lure of the Temptress Naughty Ones Liberation Defender
48 Arkanoid 2 Klax Parasol Stars Putty Theme Park Super Hang-On
49 Battle Squadron Shadowlands Klax Uridium 2 On the Ball World Cup Walker
50 Tower of Babel Microprose Golf Llamatron Civilisation Hired Guns Yo! Joe!
51 Wings Puzznic Pacific Islands Tetris Pro Banshee Blues Brothers
52 Cadaver Super Off-Road Racer Virus IK+ Fury of the Furries K240
53 Bubble Bobble Super Twintris Body Blows Pacific Islands Super Hang-On Flashback
54 Leisure Suit Larry 3 Cruise For a Corpse Pinball Dreams F-29 Retaliator Lotus Turbo 2 Lemmings 2
55 Archipelagos Laser Squad Ultima 6 Blues Brothers Lemmings 2 E-Motion
56 Helter Skelter Leander Projectyle Bob's Bad Day Virus Carrier Command
57 Bombuzal Paradroid '90 Indy Jones & Fate of Atlantis Nick Faldo's Golf Roadkill War in the Gulf
58 Battle Command Toki Walker History Line 1914-1918 Desert Strike Mercenary
59 Killing Game Show Shanghai Combat Air Patrol Bubba and Stix Lamborghini US Challenge Kid Gloves
60 IK+ Space Crusade Carrier Command Ishar 2 Carrier Command Super Obliteration
61 Warhead Gods Darkseed Scooby and Scrappy Doo Flashback Liberation CD32
62 F/A-18 Interceptor Silent Service 2 E-Motion Monkey Island 2 IK+ Legends
63 Future Wars Pacific Islands Addams Family SWIV Populous 2 Blob
64 Nightshift F/A-18 Interceptor SWIV Soccer Kid Elite Railroad Tycoon
65 Silkworm Indy Jones & Last Crusade Super Twintris Fury of the Furries R-Type 2 IK+
66 Midwinter Robocod Chuck Rock 2 Lure of the Temptress F-29 Retaliator F1
67 Pac-Mania Thunderhawk Spindizzy Worlds Parasol Stars Pacific Islands Lotus Turbo 1
68 Kid Gloves F-29 Retaliator Stunt Car Racer Virus Archer Maclean's Pool Fly Harder A500
69 Projectyle New Zealand Story Alien Breed '92 Alien Breed 2 Seek and Destroy Total Football
70 Balance of Power 1990 Man Utd Europe Anarchy Nebulus Blob Bloodnet A1200
71 Rick Dangerous Robocop 3 Zool Hired Guns Bubble and Squeak A500 Theme Park
72 Loom Storm Master Lotus Turbo 1 Lotus Turbo 1 Beneath a Steel Sky Harlequin
73 Rocket Ranger The Sentinel Fire and Ice E-Motion Klax Hunter
74 St Dragon Rugby: World Cup Lionheart Walker Railroad Tycoon Boston Bomb Club
75 Elite Spindizzy Worlds The Sentinel Another World Dune Lamborghini US Challenge*
76 Quartz E-Motion Plotting Pinball Dreams Battle Isle '93 Pac-Mania
77 Flood Indianapolis 500 Lemmings Tearaway Thomas Gem'X Laser Squad
78 Buggy Boy Pinball Dreams Monster Business Carrier Command Hunter Klax
79 Zany Golf Plotting World Class Rugby R-Type Second Samurai SWIV
80 Pipe Mania Final Fight Legend of Kyrandia Populous Boston Bomb Club Soccer Kid
81 Total Eclipse Carrier Command A-Train Monster Business Pac-Mania Arcade Pool
82 Dragon Breed Project X Warhead Llamatron Bob's Bad Day World Class Rugby
83 James Pond Powermonger Another World Boston Bomb Club Aladdin Llamatron
84 Venus the Fly Trap Spot Striker Kid Gloves Robocop 3 Beneath a Steel Sky
85 Tetris Scooby and Scrappy Doo Puzznic World Class Rugby Goblins 3 Switchblade 2
86 TV Sports: Football Hero Quest BC Kid Super Hang-On Premier Manager 3 Desert Strike
87 Distant Armies Pro Tennis Tour 2 R-Type Alien 3 Infocom Collection Virus
88 Turrican Projectyle New Zealand Story Brutal Sports Football Fly Harder Apidya
89 Treasure Trap Tower of Babel Super Hang-On Bug Bomber Mortal Kombat Premier Manager 3
90 Batman the Movie Volfied Toki Zool 2 Pucman R-Type 2
91 Switchblade Kid Gloves Super Off-Road Racer Projectyle SWIV Elite
92 Supercars Super Hang-On Tearaway Thomas One Step Beyond One Step Beyond Bubble and Squeak A500
93 Their Finest Hour Supercars 2 Robocop 3 Klax Starglider 2 Projectyle
94 MiG-29 Car-Vup Kid Gloves The Sentinel Bubba and Stix F-29 Retaliator
95 Monty Python Deuteros Bug Bomber Switchblade 2 Ultima 6 Second Samurai
96 Golden Axe Photon Storm Prince of Persia Shanghai Another World New Zealand Story
97 Ghouls & Ghosts Fantasy World Dizzy Robocop 3 Sleepwalker Pang Bob's Bad Day
98 Red Storm Rising Monster Business Space Crusade Jetstrike Apidya Kill the Prez*
99 Xybots Covert Action Switchblade 2 Pong Pool of Radiance Tankkk
100 Grand Monster Slam Golden Axe Graham Taylor Soccer Manager Frontier Cannon Fodder 2 Base Jumpers