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The Altairians
Wireless WeeklyGood evening, Britons. This is The Gentleman Smoker with a satisfactorily refurbished larynx presenting sequential thrill-chapters of The Weekly's new serial-play.
Episode One (372K mp3)
Tom's first day at the café is interrupted when Brian asks Toby to tell Veronica about Simon. Jim's crisis over Sarah is averted by Tina's confession to Günter and everyone laughs later over tea, except Idris, who swears revenge. Meanwhile, the Altairians approach Earth.
Episode Two (366K mp3)
Can Bob talk himself out of trouble with Graeme now that Kenneth has seen Sammy with Sami? Neither Bo nor Phillip thinks so - but Mr Dan's trip to the garage means they have troubles of their own. Meanwhile, the Altairians further their plan.
Episode Three (313K mp3)
Reginald's coat is green, but he is not sitting next to the doctor. Mrs Osen has borrowed a yellow scarf from the shepherd sitting opposite. Neither Mary nor Tony has a jumper, and Inspector Prams, who is adjacent to one of them, likes blue. Meanwhile, the Altairians' scheme moves into the final phase.
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