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Wireless Weekly
Wireless WeeklyGood evening, Britons. This is Wireless Weekly. In these broadcasts, famous announcer The Gentleman Smoker, who has lost his larynx to a mysterious disease, presents essays and archive recordings of interest to ears.
Broadcast One: Mr Churchill's Fiscal Initiative (532K mp3)
Featuring Mr Churchill and those merry ragamuffins of skiffle Kenickie.
Following the conclusion of the world's war, and with treasury coffers significantly lightened, Mr The Prime Minister Churchill agreed for the good of the country to restage his most famous speeches for a lucrative new medium. This broadcast was originally intended to accompany an 8mm film; the reels remain suppressed under the Official Secrets Act, though scholars may be granted special permission to view them on application to the Home Office.
Broadcast Two: Flight 317 to San Francisco (1mb mp3)
Featuring Music-hall's Mrs Susan George.
An exemplarily professional air hostess runs through another of those repetitive, drained-of-meaning safety talks everyone tunes out while wondering if the fatbloke indicated by the slack in your seatbelt left an ambushing sheen on the head cushion just below where the laundered doily stops.
Broadcast Three: The Indiscretion of Mr Roosevelt (218K mp3)
Featuring Mr The Former Colonial Prime Minister Roosevelt.
It is a little-known fact that the first version of the fairly-known "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" speech given by that merry Mr The Prime Minister of the former colony, F Roosevelt, was marred by Mr Roosevelt's reeling drunkenness. All copies of the resulting LP were thought destroyed to preserve his reputation, but Wireless Weekly has obtained possibly the single remaining dusty vinyl disc to present as a warning against THE INTERNATIONAL PERILS OF DRINKERY.
The Altairians
A chapter-serial of aural thrills.
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