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Mini-Shovel - with comments by petty killjoy D Goon
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Hello and you're welcome to the official archive of Digiworld, the brief eight-ish 1,860-page online mag about videogames and stupidity which attempted to answer the question, "Is it possible to publish a games mag online and charge for it?" without including the word, "No."

The archive is available in two versions. The issues featured are identical, except for the presentation.

Original Offline (5mb zip) - a plain and simple, wholesome look suitable for screens 640x480 and up. Recommended by Digiworld's J Nash.

Snoy Offline (5.4mb zip) - a flashy look suitable for screens 1024x768 and up owned by la-di-dah poshboys with gaudy streaks. Recommended by Digiworld's Reverend Stuart.

Digiworld's Mr Popular recommends dancing.

Digiworld was designed in the Ceefax style (as in the example screenshots down the edges). Explanation included in archive. Digiworld (c) the little Digiworld guys. Every right reserved. Distribution in any medium without written permission strictly prohibited. So no, for example, putting it on a CD and selling it. Certain elements (c) Paul Rose. Used under licence. If you enjoy Digiworld and have not already paid, you're obliged to stump up the 4 shareware fee. If you do not enjoy Digiworld, hey man, that's Digiworld.

E-mail what's left of the little Digiworld guys at little_digiworld_guys@falsebit.theweekly.co.uk (remove the falsebit). See the increasingly echoey Digiworld Forum. We've made every effort to refund outstanding mag fees, but if you've still not received yours, contact pesky_digiworld_refund@falsebit.theweekly.co.uk (remove the falsebit) and include your account username. Also contains lanolin.

The little Digiworld guys are currently appearing in World o' Stuart, Popular's Work Blog and O something. We love you all.
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Mini-Shovel - with comments by Gareth Unfunny